Complete Waitlist Package

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Conquer the Waitlist.PNG

Complete Waitlist Package


You’re stuck on the waitlist – now what? In this complete package we run a campaign to influence the admissions committee to change their mind and let you in. We've used these methods to get clients accepted off the waitlist at Stanford GSB, HBS, and Wharton and currently boast a 63.6% success rate!

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I worked with Nate for my Wharton waitlist strategy. He is great at analyzing potential flaws in my application, at planning strategy, and at helping me come up with many action items. I couldn’t have conquered the waitlist without his help. Besides, he can always make you feel optimistic about the situation, I believe it’s quite important during the process. Thanks a lot!!!
— Wharton Admit, Social Impact, Entrepreneur, Taiwan, Female
I worked with Nate for my HBS waitlist strategy. He is great! I am accepted from the Waitlist this March, and I will joint HBS/HKS joint degree. Can’t be happier.
— HBS Admit, Manufacturing, Consulting, Female, China

To give you your best chance of getting accepted off the waitlist, we will:


STEP 1: Autopsy

We review your complete application package -- from your resume, to your short answers, to your essays --  and give you verbal feedback on what went wrong and why.


STEP 2: Self-Improvement Action Plan

To get off the waitlist, it is imperative to start showing positive improvement in your application since you submitted it. We discuss the best way to score quick wins at work and in your community involvements, which you can then share with the admissions committee as evidence for how your candidacy has improved


STEP 3: Mini-Personal Narrative Boot Camp

We run you through an abridged version of our acclaimed Personal Narrative Boot Camp to find the compelling personal story that you were missing in your application the first time around, and then strategize ways of communicating it to the admissions committee after the fact in a credible way. 


STEP 4: Wait List Update Letter (x2)

We then coach you on drafting TWO amazing update letters for you to send to the waitlist committee, that will grab their attention, evidence the ways in which you are improving, and communicate your compelling personal narrative. We then mercilessly edit the letters until they are perfect.


STEP 5: Best Submission Practices

Lastly, we share best practices for submitting your letters so that they stick, using the insights we have gleaned from our work in sending fundraising emails for non-profits.

I’m in at Wharton!!! We did it! Couldn’t have done it without you! Calling family now.
— Wharton Admit, Military
Getting waitlisted can be a uniquely stressful aspect of the application process. You don’t really know where you stand, what to do, and what not to do. Nate was very helpful throughout the process in terms of overall communications strategy, improving and showcasing my accomplishments, and crafting a strong narrative. Not only was his specific advice very helpful for my waitlist work, but the structure he provided to use for my overall narrative will surely continue to be useful for years to come.
— NYU Stern / Tuck Admit, Media, Canada