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Hourly Help

from 195.00

Compare: The average price of this service offered by our peers is $303.29 (verify here). Ivy Admissions Group charges 36% less.

Need a little expert advice without committing to an entire package?

Use this opportunity to spend an hour asking us anything you want about business school. Career advice? Essay ideas? How to make the most of the experience once you get in?

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In our hour-long phone conversation, we can chat about anything. Possible topics include:

  • Selecting the right MBA programs to apply to
  • Test prep strategies (from 99+ percentile test takers)
  • Bouncing-off essay ideas
  • Sanity-checking application ideas
  • Pre-application career advice
  • Pre-MBA internship advice
  • Navigating the MBA recruiting process
  • Post-interview reflections and email followup

Note that in this service we are unable to review documents in advance of our call, provide written deliverables, or conduct mock interviews. For help with interviews, see our "Ace the Interview" package – it’s a better deal and much more comprehensive.

If you want specific application help and don’t see it covered in one of our other packages, please contact us and we’ll help you figure out which option is right for you.