Elite MBA programs offer life-changing experiences, and the best way to achieve your dream of admission is by crafting an application that tells a powerful, authentic personal narrative -- the kind you would use if you were running for office. 


To help future leaders maximize their odds of admission at their dream MBA program by crafting beautiful, authentic, and compelling applications that elevate their past work experiences and tie them seamlessly to their ultimate aspirations.



While other traditional admissions consultants focus on “selling your brand” to the admissions committee (like a box of detergent), we focus on “winning their vote” by building a compelling personal narrative, much like an inspiring leader in a political campaign. Our unique methods use techniques pioneered by Harvard University's foremost experts in public narrative, political campaigning, and personal communications. Through our process, we will develop your narrative so that members of the admissions committee will feel that they are improving the world by placing your application in the admit pile. Our system is much more efficient as well, since we work upfront to determine the story to tell in your application, rather than constantly reworking your resume and essays as we go. You will work directly with our Founders in every part of the application, ensuring that you always get the best advice, personalized help, and intimate experience.


Admissions Experience

We are Harvard MBAs. We can empathize with our clients because we've been through the admissions process ourselves. 

We know what admissions committees look for, having worked closely with them at Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School. We have served as undergraduate admissions interviewers for almost a decade.

Our clients have been admitted to Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, Wharton, Chicago Booth, and elsewhere. We know exactly what applicants need to be confident and successful in the admissions process.

Emphasis on Narrative

The most effective applications don't just position someone as a brand, they champion their Personal Narrative. Through our proprietary "Bootcamp", our clients craft beautiful and authentic narratives that will win the vote of admissions committee members.

Our approach combines the techniques of Harvard's foremost experts in personal narrative, political campaigning, and public speaking.  

We are accomplished writers and our work has appeared in Wired, Huffington Post, Business Insider, and elsewhere. We served as Editor-in-Chief of Ivy League publications, and will edit our clients' essays to perfection.

Professional Marketers

In our day jobs we are professional marketing managers for a global consumer company. We are experts in branding, marketing, and storytelling.

We have the skills to champion your narrative and help you market yourself to any admissions committee. Our goal is to get every client we accept admitted to their dream school. 

We also have rich professional backgrounds that span Goldman Sachs, the White House, a New York City management consulting firm, venture-backed start-ups, and elite military units. No matter what career transition you seek, we can help you get there.

Two Diverse Perspectives

We bring diverse and complementary personal, ethnic, gender, and professional perspectives to every applicant we help. We only accept clients that we would root for and invest ourselves personally in their success.

You will work directly with the two of us. We are professionals and unlike other admissions consultants, we never subcontract out our work to amateurs.

We tailor every product to the unique and specific needs of our individual clients. We do not waste your time with general advice. You will find that for free on our blog.


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For those applying in the future

Pre-Application Game Plan

Are you thinking of applying to business school in a few years? We can help you use that valuable time to significantly improve your candidacy and raise your chances of admission.

This service starts with us getting to know you and understanding your motivations for seeking an MBA. We then help you determine which programs would offer the best fit, where you need to be in your career and community activities to get admitted to those programs, and then work backwards to develop a game-plan for getting you there. We also run you through our personal narrative boot camp, helping you build a compelling story to tell schools and future employers. After our initial touch point, we keep in touch throughout the year to answer any questions and make sure you are on track.

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    For those applying this cycle

    Complete School Package
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    Our ultimate package. For applicants just beginning the process, and those who leave nothing to chance when assembling a flawless application.

    You get all our best products, but in this package they are even more powerful because we ensure that every aspect of your application – from your resume to your recommendations to your essays – tie back to your unique personal narrative that we craft together. We don’t just edit your work; we guide you in the art of crafting a compelling application from the ground up.

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    For those seeking a little advice

    Hourly Help
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    Need a little expert advice without committing to an entire package?

    Use this opportunity to spend an hour asking us anything you want about business school. Career advice? Essay ideas? How to make the most of the experience once you get in?

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