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Hourly Help

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Need special attention on one part of your application? Want expert assistance but without committing to an entire package? This is the package for you.

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I really felt Nate and Anna had a vested interest in my success, and their perspectives and support provided me with the confidence I needed to go beyond what I imagined was initially possible - I ended up feeling assured with my application materials and prepared when I walked into interview rooms. I only wish I had them involved earlier in my application process!
— Harvard Kennedy School admit, Healthcare Consulting, Liberal Arts School, Asian

In our hour-long phone conversation, we can workshop any issue you're having that is keeping you from putting your best foot forward in your application. Possible topics include:

  • Selecting the right MBA programs to apply to
  • Test prep strategies (from 99+ percentile test takers)
  • Selecting essay topics
  • Workshoping essay strategies
  • Sanity-checking application ideas
  • Pre-application career advice
  • Pre-MBA internship advice
  • Navigating the MBA recruiting process
  • Post-interview reflections and email followup

Note that in this service we are unable to review documents in advance of our call, provide written deliverables, or conduct mock interviews. For help with interviews, see our "Ace the Interview" package – it’s a better deal and much more comprehensive.

If you want specific application help and don’t see it covered in one of our other packages, please contact us and we’ll help you figure out which option is right for you.


Working with Nate was an absolute pleasure — he was knowledgeable about the waitlist process and available to answer any questions I had!
— Stanford GSB admit, Government, Male, Asian, LGBT