Time to run a Final Check on your GSB Round 2 Applications


Stanford Graduate School of Business - "GSB". With a mind-blowingly low 6.1% acceptance rate, GSB is the most uber-exclusive MBA program and one of the most exclusive degree programs in the world. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, its graduates are famous for pursuing careers in  entrepreneurism and technology, and its program is famous for its emphasis on soft skills -- such as though classes such as "Touchy Feely" and student-led programs such as "TALK".

Essay Editing
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What does it take to get into Stanford? In short, something beyond the sterling credentials required of HBS and Wharton: a compelling personal inspiration story (ideally one in which you can be vulnerable) and a strong personal narrative explaining what change you want to make in the world. This is why the Essay at GSB is so critical to scoring an interview and getting an offer of admission. Let us help with yours! We know what it takes -- not only do we help people get into GSB annually, we got in ourselves!