More Testimonials from Round 1


Harvard Business School and Kellogg Admit

Before working with Ivy Admissions Group, I applied to and was rejected from Harvard twice. I submitted 8 MBA applications that were ALL rejected. Of those 8 applications, 4 were under the guidance of other consultants, but I got nowhere. I wasn't a bad candidate either, with 3 years of international experience, a 730 GMAT and a 3.5 GPA from my undergraduate school as an engineer. However, I didn't have a well-articulated and genuine vision. Ivy Admissions Group changed that for me completely. They helped me clean up my applications, write the first authentic story about what I truly wanted to be doing with my life. Not only did they get into HBS (and Kellogg), but they also helped me refine my dream and vision for my future. The level of service received was second to none, and trust me I had already spent over $5000 on expensive consultants that got me no results.

- STEM, International

Purchased: Complete School Package