Waitlist Success Stories, Part 2: "Getting to Yes" at their Dream Schools

Wharton School Admit

Lisa was a great resource as I navigated the waitlist and always provided sound and timely feedback in what otherwise would have been a stressful process.

- Caucasian male, Non-traditional

Purchased: Conquer the Waitlist

Berkeley Haas Admit

Having almost a decade and a half years of international experience with large consulting firms, I decided to pursue EMBA from Berkeley Haas. Berkeley waitlisted my round-2 application. After searching for strategies to get off the waitlist, I came across a very thought-provoking blog on GMAT club website by Ivy group. I immediately decided to work with the Ivy team, and the result was phenomenal.

I got off the Berkeley EMBA round-2 waitlist and got admitted for the class of 2020 because of the help I received from Anna. She is very professional and pushed me to critically think about my story which enabled me to tell my narrative in a different light. The Self, Us, Now framework that she shared with me was a game changer for me, and it helped me to connect the dots more succinctly.

Regardless of the outcome, I would highly recommend Roanna and team to anyone who wants to put the best foot forward in their MBA journey. You will be working with the best in the admissions consulting industry.

- Tech Consulting

Purchased: Conquer the Waitlist

Dartmouth Tuck Admit

Nate was very straightforward and honest in terms of his feedback, which helped me quickly and effectively correct my issues with my story and how I was phrasing it. He also had a clear plan and timeline in place on how I would stay in contact with admissions that ultimately paid off.

- Finance, male, Fitness, Asian

Purchased: Conquer the Waitlist