Fascinating MBA Talk of the Week: How to practice effectively...for just about anything (Annie Bosler and Don Greene)

How do you get better at something, whether it's the GMAT/GRE or your interviewing skills? Three answers: practice, practice, practice. The key insight is that the benefit of practice is highly dependent upon its quality -- which is comprised of the "form" you use, its intensity, and the intervals. If you're applying Round 1, now is the perfect time to apply the lessons of the video below in practicing for those interviews.


  • Effective practice targets: consistent, intensely focused, and targets content or weaknesses at the edge of one's ability
  • Focus on the task at hand (putting away facebook and smartphones)
  • Start slowly to get the form right, then increase the speed of the quality repetitions
  • Break-up practice into multiple sessions of limited duration
  • Practice by imagining that you are completing a task can be just as effective as actually practicing!